Book v. Movie – Beastly

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So I promised you guys I would compare the Beastly movie to the book. Well. Let me just say, this is one of the worst book adaptions I have seen yet. The movie was so far off the book. I watched it with my mom and little brother. First off, Vanessa Hudgens was the WORST person for the role of Lindy. She acted too cocky. She was supposed to be a quiet book nerd, not some girl that wanted to try and be all flirty with the most “gorgeous and popular guy in school” (who btw I did not find too attractive). I thought Neil Patrick Harris played Will awesomely. It definitely added that awesome humor to the movie. 
But there were so many things different from the book! To begin with, what happened to Kendra’s magic mirror? Because, to be honest, that was my favorite part of the book. I loved reading about him looking in the magic mirror at all the people from his old school and realizing how cruel the people were, and watching Lindy just reading. They completely left that out! I was so disappointed. And her father in this one was all “I want to keep her safe, I want to keep her safe”, when in the book he offered Hunter his daughter because he thought Hunter was trying to get money from him, so he offered him Lindy. Oh. And his nanny was supposed to be Spanish. not African. That made me mad too.
So what is with the tattoos and scars and stuff? The last time I checked Hunter was supposed to actually look like a beast, you know, fur, claws, the whole deal. And they were supposed to go play in the snow, not a lake house. This movie really made me angry. I am not happy. Like, I was seriously expecting better. It wasn’t that it was a horrible movie. It would have been fine if it was on its own so I give it a B for that, but as far as being based on the book, I give it a D. I mean, at least the characters had the same name (even if they didn’t look like they were supposed to….).             
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  1. My friend read the book and she wanted to go see it. So we did. She thought it was good except for the book description of the characters are tad bit different. Overall good movie “Modern day Beauty and the Beast”.

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