Waiting on Wednesday (2)

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So my WoW for the week is…..

Okay.  So. I don’t have a cover, or a title or a release date or even a plot!   But I cannot wait for Pretty Little Liars #10.  I am so happy Sara Shepard decided to write more.  It makes me really happy.  And I just finished Twisted this morning.  It was so good!  I’ll be reviewing it later today!
Well that’s my WoW!

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7 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday (2)

  1. I’ve never read the books but I’m oh so obsessed with the tv show. Of course the books are probably much better-I just haven’t read them yet. I definitely need to! I’m a new follower-really love the blog. Looking forward to reading more! Here is my WOW: Coffeelicious Bookaholic

  2. YA Book Queen – It was really surprising and so good!

    Ashley – The books are TOTALLY different from the show (I know cause I’m obsessed too!) A lot of the stuff in the show did not happen in the books. Oh, and in the books, only Aria and Hannah have brown hair, though I now envision them like from the show haha!

    Grace – They are you should definitely read them!

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