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I’m going to post a review of The Iron Daughter either today or tomorrow (which will include the review for Winter’s Passage as well).  I’m going to see the Hunger Games movie again tonight with my boyfriend so I probably won’t have time to do it today, but it should definitely be done by the end of the weekend.

But what I really wanted to talk about is that there is going to be both a Beautiful Creatures movie AND an Ender’s Game movie, which will star Harrison Ford!!!  Which everyone probably already knows, but I just found out so I wanted to talk about it.  I love Harrison Ford more than you could possibly imagine.  He is, and always will be my number one celebrity crush of all time.  I really do love him.  A fact my boyfriend hates haha.  But, anyway I’m really excited.  Especially since the 4th Beautiful Creatures book comes out in October: Beautiful Redemption.  The cover is really pretty!  I haven’t read Ender’s Game in a long long time.  Guess I’ll have to get on reading that one again!

I just started City of Bones.  It was only $0.99 from Barnes & Noble on the nook so I went ahead and got it.  I’ve heard really good things about the Mortal Instruments series so I guess we’ll see how it is.  I’ll write a review when I get done.  I’m really going to actually try writing a review for every book I finish.  It’s going to get harder once College starts up again, especially with the classes I’m taking.  I won’t be able to read much but I’ll try to keep updating about books I’m interested in reading, and maybe reviewing old books I read along time ago or series or something along those lines.

I’m really glad I’ve gotten back into reading and blogging.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until I started reading The Iron King.  I forgot how much I love getting wrapped up in a series and getting attached to characters in the book so much I wish they were real.  I wouldn’t mind having Puck as my best friend and Ash as my faerie prince 😉 (just don’t tell my boyfriend! haha)

I love when an author like Julie Kagawa can make you feel like you are truly there with the characters.  It makes the reading more rewarding.  I love the feeling that I can jump in with the characters and hang out with them.  I would truly love to be able to do something like that.  Hand out with a character in a book.

You know, that’s a good question.  I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on that one!  So here is your question, comment with your response!

If you could choose one character out of any of the books you’ve read, which character would you choose, and what would you do?

I think my answer right now would be Puck.  Even though I’m 100% fully team Ash, he belongs to Meghan so that wouldn’t be too much fun.  But Puck would be a hoot to hang out with!  We could go on a grand adventure and go hook up with Grimalkin and all them awesome people!

Well that’s all for now.  I haven’t done a book vs. movie entry in awhile, so I’ll do one of those later for the Hunger Games (I saw it at midnight on premier night but I don’t entirely remember everything!)



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