New Library Card!

Posted July 18, 2012 in Uncategorized / 2 Comments

I’m so excited. I got a new library card since I lost my old one. I had to cover up the name of my library. don’t need everyone knowing where I live!

I realized today how much money I spend on books and its killing me financially. So, I got my library card back! Try to save myself some money.


2 responses to “New Library Card!

  1. That’s what they look like now? What? I still have my rainbow/farm changing picture one. not sure where it is though. I usually use self-checkout. I have my number memorized. Nerd problems? hahaha!

  2. I had one of the old ones that just said the name and had the little library on the front. Super duper old. I’ve probably had that one since 4th grade (somehow not losing it till now, though I believe I may know where it is). And what is this about self-checkout?! I went to the branch closest to our houses, not the main one. And I didn’t check anything out lol. I used to have my number memorized! Also, this comment is probably longer than my whole blog post hahaha!

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