Stop the GR bullies!

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UPDATE 7/18/12:
I want to start up a new campaign: Stop Fighting, Keep Reading. The link directs you to the blog post describing what it’s about and an update on what happened to one of the victims of the STGRB website.
I have also posted a link to an interview with the administrators of the website here: STGRB interview.

Please continue reading for my original post on the STGRB website:


No I’m not doing a campaign post to complain about people “bullying” reviewers on goodreads.

Yes bullying is bad. No you shouldn’t do it.

What I really want to talk about is a terribly horrible blog that is currently out there right now.  One of my favorite authors of all time, Rachel Vincent, whose blog I follow by email and twitter I follow on both my accounts, wrote up a blog post about this horrible website.

The cruel people behind this website go out of their way to showcase some of these “bullies” on their blog.  They put up screenshots of conversations by these people and show how they are being bullies.  Okay. Fine. Whatever.
But where this blog goes completely overboard, is that they find out the real name of these people, where they live, their contact information, their FAMILY’s information, pictures of them,where they work, where they hangout, even the times that they frequent certain restaurants, in case you want to go berate them in person while they eat dinner with their family.

No I don’t condone bullying so don’t start yelling at me that I do. But why is what they’re doing not considered bullying? Are they not harassing the people they are showcasing and encouraging others to do the same thing?

Alright enough ranting. Its just really pissing me off.

I would just like to say that you should stay away from this website.

UPDATE 7/13/12:
Okay I’ve noticed a lot of people viewing this post.  For anyone that still believes that this website is “amazing”, here’s a few more points.

1. The website has a list of “recommended books” on the side of their page.  This list comes from a list on goodreads entitled “Author Temper Tantrums”.  They simply went to goodreads, took this list, and put it on their website.  They do no know most of the incidents that occurred that put these books and authors on the list.  They are only attempting more “petty revenge” on these authors which they most likely know nothing about.

2. They personally moderate all the comments left on their page.  A direct quote from the website itself:

“For those who left all the, um, sweet *cough cough* comments and messages, we would like to welcome you to keep leaving them.  If you need an outlet for your anger, by all means, let it be us and not authors.  Will we listen?  No.  Will your comments get through?  No.  But you can still try.  Keep in mind that we retain all rights to the comments, messages, and electronic footprints you leave behind when you visit our site.  Just so you know.”
I personally left a comment asking about whether or not the recommended books on the side were actual recommendations, or authors they claim to have “temper tantrums”.  My comment was not published, even though multiple other supportive comments were published well after I had submitted mine.  No, I’m not mad that my comment didn’t get published.  I’m glad my name is not associated with that website.  But I find it completely ridiculous (though not surprising) that they only post the comments that agree with them, and share their opinion, while blocking anyone who has a different opinion about their website.
Okay now they do reserve the right to comment moderation, I understand that and I don’t have a problem at all with moderating comments to keep crass people out of the commenting area.  But moderating people out just because they don’t have the same beliefs as you do?
3. In the post they discuss a “frequent bullier” that they label as “DEFCON 1, Maximum Alert”.  They provide her real name, what her twitter account is, pictures of her, and where she lives.  But, not only do they talk about her bullying on goodreads (which I’ll get to in a moment), they actually had the nerve to inform the entire world via internet that she is a bad mother!!
Now I have no idea who these people are.  They make it a point to keep their identity a secret, even though they have no trouble at all exposing other people’s information on the internet.  I do not know their age, race, gender, religious beliefs, etc.  I know absolutely nothing about them.  But NO ONE should discuss ANYONE’S parenting abilities on a public website.  Yes, she is a bully and she is rude and crass and should not be allowed to continue doing what she does.  But there is NO reason, whatsoever, to bring her personal life, especially about her children, into a discussion about that.  At all.  I do not know if they have children or not, but I sincerely hope they do not, because anyone with children should know that there is never a reason to bring someone’s parenting skills into a discussion on a public website that has NOTHING to do with what you’re talking about!
The website ended the post about this person with this quote:
“But, good news!  She is going to be releasing a book!  This. Is. Fantastic!  Not sure about anyone else, but all of us here at STGRB will be eagerly awaiting the release of that one.”
So, you’re against bullying, but yet you can’t wait for someone to release a book so that you can bully them?  I don’t really understand your stance then, are you against bullying or for bullying?
This website is full of hypocrisy and downright rude people.  This website is a form of bullying and I believe it should be shut down.  I do believe everyone has a right to their own opinion, and that you should always take a mature stance to display those opinions, especially on a public forum such as goodreads or a blog or twitter, but they way they do it is not mature.  Stooping to their level is not the way to handle a bully.
If you yourself have a problem with bullying, contact the administrators of the website you are on.  Usually the administrator can handle it.  Bullying is a horrible thing.  I have been a victim of it myself.  And while I know it is hard to deal with, your best bet is to ignore it.  If you answer them or show any signs that they are getting to you, they will continue their attacks.  If you continue on like nothing is wrong, they will get bored and stop.  
If you find yourself being bullied on goodreads, leave the thread, gather the person you are being bullied by’s screen name, and contact goodreads.  They have contact information and you can flag specific comments as inappropriate or rude.  Take the high road and do not stoop to their level.  It will only make things worse in the end.
I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on this whole ordeal.  Have you been bullied on goodreads?  Are you one of the bullies that are being attacked on this website?  Do you disagree with me?  Do you agree with me?  Please let me know.  I only see the comments of people who agree with the website on there so I’d like to hear from the rest of the internet!

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  1. Anonymous

    When you actually go to the source material of a lot of those screen shots and/or know the context of the situation and past behavior of the players (which is documented in various places as the situations occurred), most of what is posted on that site is not bullying. It looks bad the way they have spliced it, and filled in the removed sections with their skewed diatribe. But looking bad and actually being bad are two separate things. Here is a really good, and thoughtful discussion that I read earlier:

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