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So I was trying to make my blog look spiffy and was looking for some team banners, and I realized, there weren’t really that many good ones out there.  If anyone finds a website directly related to team banners for blogs, PLEASE let me know.  But, since I couldn’t find any, I decided to make my own.

Now, this process if fairly easy, and cost free.  I went to and downloaded their free photo editing software, then went and found some picture of my boys and added the words and, viola! You have yourself a team banner!

Here are the ones I’ve made so far (also seen on my sidebar, though those do not have the quotes because I have to make them so small the quote does not appear correctly) :

Team Ash of The Iron Fey Series

Team Damon of The Vampire Diaries Series

Team Tod of The Soul Screamers Series

Team Peeta of The Hunger Games Trilogy

I’ve decided that I quite enjoy this.  Once I get photoshop back uploaded on my laptop and my coolio fonts I had before on there (I had to get my hard drive replaced), I’m going to make more of these.  And, I’m willing to make a few requests, if anyone has one! (except a Team Puck, Team Nash or Team Stefan button 😛 Just Kidding!) So leave a comment with the character you want to represent, the picture you want me to use (if you don’t have one I can find one) and if you want a quote on the button, one of those too.  I do request that the quote not be too long, because it is difficult to fit it on there, and then if I make it too small you can’t read it anyway.  I can make a big one, a small one, a medium one, I can make you an avatar for your profile picture or avatar on a messenger!  I will either e-mail them to you and/or post them on my photobucket page:  Five Fab Creations

And when you use them please leave credit back to my site so other people know where to get these awesome banners if they want one!

Leave your requests! 🙂

UPDATE:  Alright so I found the website with the team banners! lol. they are small and they aren’t as cool as mine, but I’m probably going to use them for my side bar to not take up so much room on my blog.  But I have no problem still making them!  I just got photoshop redownloaded on my computer.  All that’s left is the fonts and I’ll be good to go!

The website to the small team stickers is: I’m Loving Books


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