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So.  I’ve been obsessing over the Iron Fey series now for the past week.  I’m on the Iron Knight and I just saw that another Novella is coming out this fall. I’m (according to my nook) less than 100 pages to go in the Iron Knight, and I was stupid enough to read the description of the next book, and totally just ruined this one for myself…I now know what happens.  And I’m pretty mad.  I’ve been dying to skip through the book to find out what’s going to happen, but I’ve refrained, not wanting to spoil it for myself.  I haven’t fully lost the desire to read, but now I’m less eager getting to the end, now that I know what happens.

I’m so mad at myself.  I should know better by now not to read the description of the next book before finishing the previous one.  UGH!

Well. I’m gonna go because I want to finish reading this book now.  I still want to know what happens.

And for my own sake I would like to say that I am, 100%, Team Ash!



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