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Booking Through Thursday is weekly meme hosted by the Booking Through Thursday site.  It’s a fun meme that proposes a weekly question for you to ponder.  And you are more than welcome to use the picture I made!  Just give me some credit 🙂

Do you find yourself thinking that the books you read would be good on film? Do you wish the things you watched on TV or in the movies were available as book?
Hmmmm.  It seems like almost everything now has either been turned into a movie or TV series.  Everything has a book origin.  I just found out in my creative writing class Tuesday night that Shrek was a book!  A book!  And now there are like, 70 bajillion movies and etc.
I think a book that I’ve read that I seriously want a movie of is The Iron Fey series.  Mostly cause it’s my favorite series that hasn’t yet been turned into something.  I think that there could also be a hit TV series based after The Iron Knight (and maybe even Iron’s Prophecy).  Just make all the 4 movies then lead on with a TV series about, you know, their lives. And stuff.
(Speaking of The Iron Fey, The Iron Legends is out! So, go get it! I’m picking mine up after work!)
If I really like a book, I want it to become a movie.  But I am often disappointed by the movie (except for The Hunger Games.  It was incredible!)  So, usually I’m content not having a movie, excited for an upcoming one, and stewing about ones that just didn’t get it right.
What’s your BTT? 

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