UnBreaking The Shelves Reading Challege

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So I was looking for a good, end of the year reading challenge, and this is the absolute perfect one for me!
There are two parts of this challenge, and both are aimed at organizing and making a dent in our TBR piles.

Part 1: Actively organize, categorize, and otherwise be brutally realistic about the books you have in your pile.
So, what does this mean? Well, part one is entirely at your discretion. You can make a new shelf on Goodreads. You can choose to delete those freebies that no longer appeal to you. You can be as brutal or as gentle as you want.
The point is to look at your shelves and establish some kind of organizational system so that you have an accurate picture of how many books (that you ARE going to read) are sitting on your TBR pile and a way of dealing with incoming books.
For examples of organization goals or ways to deal with your TBR pile, visit Amanda’s or Kelly’s tracking pages.

Part 2: Actively work on bringing that TBR pile down to something that isn’t threatening you with bodily harm if you don’t start reading it. What? Those books are tough. They break kneecaps and take names!
Once you’re finished with part one, you should have a good idea of what your TBR pile looks like. The next step is to set realistic targets for yourself. There are four months left in the year. Prioritize the books you have on your TBR list.
Quantify your targets. One thing we learned during our All Series challenge is that we work better when we have an active list to work from. When you can see your little progress bar filling up, you’re motivated to keep reading. A good example of a quantifiable target would be: Get TBR pile below [X number].

Alright so here is my  
Organizing Plan

1. Clear off freebies from my Nook.  It’s getting ridiculous.  I need to stop getting them.
2. Read the books I have checked out from the library.  Return them.  Stop checking out books.  Stop holding books.
3. No more buying books until my TBR pile is gone.
4. Read all the review copies I have.  Stop putting them off.
5. Read all the books on my top 3 bookshelves.  Those are the ones I have yet to read.
6. Stop requesting so many review copies on NetGalley.
7. Stop expecting myself to read all the classics, because I am never going to do it.
8. Stop starting so many series.  Just adds more books to the pile.
9.  Delete books that I honestly am never going to read.
Well, let’s see how this goes!
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4 responses to “UnBreaking The Shelves Reading Challege

  1. No buying books until your TBR pile is gone! Wow, if I made that goal, I wouldn’t be able to buy books for like a decade. :O

    Good luck with the challenge! 🙂

  2. I almost spit out my coffee when I read your part about reading the classics. I am the SAME WAY. I culled quite a few of these from my collection because while I have excellent intentions — I’m just never going to read them.

    As for series books, I can’t believe how many series there are out there! It seems at least 1 in 3 books I read is part of a series. And you’re right — then you have to read the WHOLE series, at least if the book is good.

    Good luck with your goals!!

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