The Iron Traitor

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Keirran. I. I just. I don’t even know what to say to you right now. And YOU, Kagawa. How could you? HOW could you break my heart like that? Okay Keirran. I know what to say to you now.

You need to chill the fuck out. Sorry, but that needed to be said. Princeling, you are just going nutso buddy. I know you love Annwyl, but this is not what you do! And stop comparing yourself to your father! What Ash did was noble! What you’re doing is disgusting and pathetic. Cut it out. Stop giving you family heart attacks! AND doing what you know you did!! You could you!?!

I love the Kenzie/Ethan relationship. Not as much as Ash and Meghan, but I love Kenzie.  She is such a badass. She doesn’t take shit from anyone, which is awesome. I absolute love a strong female character in a book! She doesn’t let her cancer stop her from doing the things she wants to do. She’s smart about it, but sometimes she throws herself into things and puts herself in danger without needed to.  Its like she’s trying to get herself killed before the cancer does is for her.

Ethan is a bit hotheaded and he lets his emotions and overall hatred of faeries guide his decisions too much sometimes. Kenzie has had to get him out of some stick situations more than once now! Get your head on Mr. Chase!

The plot of these books just keeps getting more and more involved as they go.  I just have no idea where this is going from here. I love that the old gang keeps making appearances in the new books! I’m really hoping that we get to have the whole gang, old and new together for the last book! Meghan, Ash, Puck, Grim, the Wolf, Ethan, Kenzie, Annwyl, Glitch, Razor and Keirran (once he gets his shit straight!)

Ms. Kagawa, you are incredible. I love you. Please keep the amazing work up! And please get the gang together one last time. PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE.


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