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It’s been awhile since I had gotten so easily wrapped up in both the romance in a book and the book itself. The chemistry between Aiden and Cameron was amazing and I’m so glad it wasn’t insta-love! I like the idea of the instant connection between two people though. I have actually meant two people like that- my best friend and my boyfriend- so I really do understand what she was feeling with Aiden. I also really felt for them both. They were two very different people with very different ideas of the future who got caught up in something neither of them were ready for. Aiden’s strained relationship with his father added a very good aspect to the story, since it affected his life in so many different ways, from his job to his idea of marriage.

I was very impressed with the overall flow of the story. I stayed engaged through and it didn’t just rely on the romance to keep it going. I loved reading about Cameron’s passion for advertising and to kinda see into the world of advertising a little bit, and to see how much work really goes into marketing a product. It was a career path I was considering a couple years ago, and still have a slight interest in, so it made my connection to the book even better! The story really didn’t lull at any point, there was always something going on to keep the reader interested. I would actually love to see a sequel so that we can find out what happens after that ending, because, really, who wouldn’t want to read more about that hot, passionate relationship?? Plus, I would love to actually see Aiden take on not only the husband role, but also the father role 🙂


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